Inspirational TED Talks on (dis)Ability

The misnomer of disability in the work environment | Nati Amos de Huerta

Disability is a generic term. It has developed negative connotations that damage and disrupt the integrity of people that are considered as such. It cuts through race, gender, and class. To most, being considered disabled is often the lowest form of insult in comparison to any other factors. The language that is used to qualify them is often complacent. This prevents the admittance to being openly apart of society primarily in the workforce, and therefore causes society to lose a significant wealth of knowledge and experience by disregarding them. Despite having these limitations, people with disabilities are not only earning higher degrees, but are often earning an array of them, notably in the hard sciences. This natural propensity and ingenuity to do things different, is what makes them valuable to any workforce. What is seemingly lacking in the eyes of most, is greatly compensated by the resourcefulness they bring to all aspects of their life and the lives of people around them.