Studentų praktikos kokybės priemonių rinkinys

The Apprenticeship Quality Toolkit follows a quality management system style approach.  It works in a bi-directional way: outside-in, by organizing and controlling the apprenticeship related processes and communications of both organizations, which facilitate the employees’ understanding of their roles, improving their performance and making daily operations more efficient; and inside-out, by providing quality assurance to the students and other benefciaries of the apprenticeships provided, bringing market trust and recognition for all parts.

The Apprenticeship Quality Toolkit was designed considering the need to control eight critical processes – five at the PHEIs and three at the SMEs – as listed below:

Within Professional Higher Educational Institutions

  1. Setting the learning objectives of the overall programme
  2. Identifying and recruiting placements
  3. Negotiating the agreement
  4. Monitoring of apprenticeships
  5. Assessment of apprenticeships

Within Small and Medium Enterprises

  1. Creating positions for apprentices
  2. Negotiating the agreement
  3. Managing the apprenticeship